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We are a crafting co-op located in Newfoundland, Canada. We all share a love of geekery in all its many forms. We enjoy a variety of fandoms, which means we can take advice on branch into areas we may not know well ourselves from the others in the group. If Jennifer the Trekkie gets asked to do something from comics, she can be berated by Kristina when she gets it entirely wrong.

By working together we can offer you a broader range of products at competitive prices. One stop geek shopping!

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I originally started as Nostalgic Nerdom before joining forces with Kristina. I am the trekkie/sci-fi/science geek of the group. This goes hand in hand with my love of astronomy which tends to sneak into my my work, especially in my jewelry. I just finished my degree in physics, and will be attending Dal in the fall for meteorology.

I primarily do pixel work, graphic design *waves to the lovely site you are visiting*, soap, and upcycling. I love trying new things and new ideas, so you'll find lots of random things popping up on the shop from me.

I'm a terrible gamer, if there is an edge I will find it and fall off it. I have fallen from ledges that you aren't even supposed to be able to fall off of. Despite that, you find me spending much of my time in the very ledgy world of Minecraft (check out my server if you're looking for a new world to play in). Second to that is probably Portal, despite me never finishing it. But I never finish games, so that's not surprising.


I started Angry Owl in late 2009 and, alongside Jen, the need to create geeky crafts grew and grew, so we expanded our fellowship! My weapons of choice are polymer clay and traditional drawing/painting materials, but in-game I always play the tank. I'm trying to acquire enough loot to one day purchase a tablet and develop my digital art skills! If I could respec, I would assign all my skill points to creativity.

IRL, I'm currently finishing up a B.A with a major in English. I'm as passionate about literature as I am visual art. I like to write poetry and fiction and draw on things I'm not supposed to. I may put a review or two on our blog, to exercise my mind tank and increase my intelligence skill.

I also like to put ketchup on everything I eat; take much deserved naps; improve my XBL gamer score; and horde comics (The Walking Dead) like it'll get me a 1up. If I could be any game character, I think it would be Morrigan from Dragon Age, but I'm probably more like a drunk Anders.

May the Mass x Acceleration be with you!

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